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Local Scientific Committee(LSC)

General Chair: Jiří Tůma 
VSB Technical University of Ostrava

Honorary Chair: Ondřej Jiříček 
Czech Acoustical Society
Czech Technical University of Prague

Honorary co-Chair: Jiří Náprstek
Czech Society for Mechanics
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences


Name  Company  
Radek Martínek  VSB Technical University of Ostrava 
Michal Weisz  VSB Technical University of Ostrava 
Pavel Šuránek  VSB Technical University of Ostrava 
Václav Pavelka  VSB Technical University of Ostrava 
Miroslav Mahdal   VSB Technical University of Ostrava  
Pavel Němeček  Technical University of Liberec 

Jan Králíček   Czech Technical University of Prague  
Miroslav Kučera  Czech Technical University of Prague  
Milan Červenka   Czech Technical University of Prague  
Michal Bednařík   Czech Technical University of Prague  
Aleš Procházka  University of Chemistry and Technology Prague  
Zdeněk Jandák  The National Institute of Public Health  
Zdeněk Havránek  Brno University of Technology 
Stanislav Klusáček  Brno University of Technology 

Jaromír Horáček  Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences 
Zdeněk Převorovský  Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences 
David Burian  Czech Technical University of Prague 
Eduard Rohan  University of West Bohemia 
Miroslav Byrtus  University of West Bohemia 
Tomáš Ulrich  Technical University of Liberec 
Stanislav Žiaran  Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava 
Gergely Takács  Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava 

International Scientific Committee(ISC)


Name Country
Jorge  Arenas Chile
Francesco  Asdrubali Italy
Francesco Asdrubali Italy
Hans  Boden Sweden
Joachim  Boes Germany
Davide BorelliItaly
Dick  Botteldooren Belgium
Adrian  BrownUnited Kingdom
Eleonora Carletti Italy
Malcolm  Crocker USA
Andy  Chung Hong Kong
John  Davy Australia
Maria  De Diego Spain
Serge  Dos Santos France
Francisco  Denia Spain
Len  Gelman United Kingdom
Claess Hedberg Sweden
Jeong-Guon Ih Korea
Jian  Kang United Kingdom
Iurii  Kaletskii Russia
Jim B.W. KokThe Netherlands
Georges  Kouroussis Belgium
Sergio Luzzi Italy
Graham  Parry United Kingdom
Marek  PawelczykPoland
Roshun Paurobally Qatar
Bert  Roozen Belgium
James  Talbot United Kingdom
Rupert  Thornely Taylor United Kingdom
Wim  Van Keulen THe Netherlands
Pallayil  Venugopalan Singapore
Bor-Tsuen  Wang Taiwan
Jun  Yang China
Zhuang  Li USA
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